7+ years of broad-based team leading and software developing expertise, support and enhance business value from concept to completion.
12 MARCH, 1985

Versatile, bilingual software engineer with expertise driving projects and leading cross-functional teams to consistently meet key program deliverables. Adept at maintaining focus on achieving bottom-line results while formulating and implementing advanced technology and business solutions to meet a diversity of needs. Exemplary communication and attention to detail to exceed customer expectations and maintain high levels of client satisfaction.
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My education focused on covering the software life cycle and their related scope.

[ht_edu_item align=”left” title=”MASTER OF COMPUTER SCIENCE” university=”UNIVERSITY NAME” location=”AUSTRALIA” date=”FEB 2012 – DEC 2014″ desc=”Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Vestibulum tortor quam, feugiat vitae, ultricies eget.”]
[ht_edu_item align=”right” title=”PROJECT MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE” university=”IPSOS TRAINING CENTER” location=”France” date=”FEB 2007 – DEC 2007″ desc=”This course was my essential guide for project management including measuring project management ROI and project management’s value to stakeholders, setting deadlines mile stones and applying agile (scrum) methodologies in management.”]
[ht_edu_item align=”left” title=”BACHELOR OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING” university=”PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY” location=”JORDAN” date=”FEB 2003 – DEC 2007″ desc=”I had studied the scientific and mathematical basis of computer software and learnt a variety of programming languages and how to design, analyze and maintain software life cycle using different software methodologies..”]
[ht_edu_item align=”right” title=”HIGH SCHOOL CERTIFICATE” university=”AL SHAREEF HUSSAIN HIGH SCHOOL” location=”JORDAN” date=”FEB 2002 – DEC 2003″ desc=”Finished my high school in the scientific major with a very good degree.”]

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[ht_work_item id=”0″ title=”BEE LABS STUDIO” job=”SENIOR GAME DEVELOPER – TEAM LEADER” duration=”DEC 2012 – NOV 2014″ url=”http://beelabs.me” align=”right”]BeeLabs develops cutting edge web & mobile applications, focus on producing multilingual casual games and interactive educational applications, bolstered by the expertise and experience of all those involved in it.
Worked on developing games, apps for web & different mobile platforms using flash and unity3d.[/ht_work_item]

[ht_work_item id=”1″ title=”MEDIA PLUS” align=”right” job=”SENIOR MULTIMEDIA DEVELOPER – TEAM LEADER” duration=”FEB 2010 – DEC 2012″ url=”http://mediaplus.com.jo” align=”left” ]Working as a Team Leader and Senior Developer for the leading web company in Jordan, Media Plus is holding the Best Web Company in Jordan for the third consecutive year. And I use many programming languages there to develop websites, web games, iPhone Apps, using Flash AS3, Java, Unity3D, PHP.[/ht_work_item]

[ht_work_item id=”2″ icon=”fa-bug” title=”OBEIKAN R&D” job=”FLASH DEVELOPER” duration=”AUG 2008 – JUNE 2010″ url=”http://obeikaneducation.com/” align=”right”]Working on one of The biggest E – Learning project in the middle east, aimed towards the schools in the Gulf region used technologies, flash, action script ,flash media server. [/ht_work_item]

[ht_work_item id=”3″ title=”VISIO SIGHT”  job=”WEB DEVELOPER” duration=”AUG 2007 – JUN 2008″ url=”” align=”left”]Develop new website and components in PHP and Flex, supervise the content upgrade, maintain and operate the remote web server, for the most known publishing houses in Jordan.[/ht_work_item]

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Please Feel free to download my resume.


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