Goldfish Series Apps

“Anything” is the first of a series of seven Arabic picture book apps adapted from the popular lift-the-flap “Goldfish Series” published by Al Salwa Publishing House, authored by renowned writer Taghreed Najjar and illustrated by Syrian artist Nadine Kaadan.

Salwa Shakhshir from Al Salwa Books said, “parents sometimes complain that their children are more attached to their computer and digital gadgets than they are to books. Book apps will help to bridge the gap for some kids, and should be seen as an extension to books rather than a replacement for them.

The application features lively interactive animation that responds to the child’s touch. It also features picture word association, by having words zoom up on screen and heard when certain pictures are touched. The child has an option to either hear the professional narration of the story or to read it by him/her self.

The craft-making feature, is a feature that Al Salwa prides itself in, as it not only encourages children to use their motor skills, but it also inspires them to be creative and come up with fun activities from a story. Other features in the application include a game and a catchy song.

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