Sunny Smash – Puzzle Game

Make magical matches and combos with cute animal pals. Help your cute koala, elephant, and armadillo pals keep Sunpop World shining, by creating a match of 3 or more magical sun spots. The more suns you collect, the more they move! Guide the animals through the puzzle pieces and watch them pop amazing matches.
Soak up the sunshine in Sunpop World… Your journey awaits!

★ KOALA MODE (Collect)
Resa the koala is hungry! Feed her juicy fruits so she has the strength to continue on her journey

Use Pepe the elephant’s trunk to build water paths to thirsty flowers, to help them bloom!

If there’s one thing armadillos are good at, it’s smashing through sand! Clear the way for Juno to complete the level

In Sunpop World, every day is a vacation – thanks to the powers of the magical Sunpop stones. But one day, their powers begin to fade, and it’s up to a group of furry heroes to save the day!
Can they journey across the land and learn the secrets of the stones before it’s too late…?

Share your progress with your friends and take your puzzle skills to the max, as you travel through magical portals and restore endless sunshine to the land.

i had work on the web version using Actionscript 3 and also the mobile version using Unity3D

Check the Web Version Here
Check the Mobile Version
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