Yahoo! Safety Oasis (Y!SO )

As part of Yahoo! Maktoob’s commitment to working with local and regional partners to deliver relevant solutions to the region, the Yahoo! Safety Oasis (Y!SO ) program has been launched in collaboration with Media Plus, based in Jordan, and its sister company Sketch-In-Motion.

The Project aimed to deliver online Safety and Awareness.

Featuring the characters Naya, Zain, Anbar and Hacker the Macker (Willy The Hacker), the Y!SO team worked with MediaPlus on this project which aims to engage families and educators to provide resources that educate, entertain and reward young children of ages between 6 and 12 regarding the incredible potential of online learning, as well as the importance of safely surfing the net.

This new campaign for enhanced digital literacy will stand out by linking back to tangible learning curricula while also rewarding users with a Safety Certificate upon completion of the program.

Yahoo! Safety Oasis (Y!SO) is now online at Join the colorful cast of characters as they take you on a journey through Madinat Al Internet (Internet City).

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